History The beginnings of the CIK-CAK brand reach back to 1977. At that time Jožica Avguštinčič opened a craft in Mali Gaber, known as CIK-CAK Sewing and Shop. The first production program was the production of small children's textiles, her husband Jože joined the company with the expansion of the production program to the production of dresses and aprons for household purposes. Since the company had been guided since its establishment by quality, short response time and reliability, it soon became a subcontractor of Triglav in Kranj, Deloza in Zagorje, Ike Ajdovščina and Novoteks in Novo Mesto. In 1990 the company expanded its business by opening a shop in Mali Gaber. Over the years the company has developed and gained a lot of experience, which it still uses today. At the end of 2014 the company was reorganized in terms of ownership and since then it has been operating as part of A-ANUBIS d.o.o. Because we believe in the values ​​that have made our brand special for several decades, people's trust in CIK-CAK has been maintained. After five years a new production unit was created in Celje, in addition to the unit, which operates at the company's headquarters in Mali Gaber. Today, the team that creates for you counts more than ten people, who are guided by a quality product and a satisfied customer.

Motto of the company

Already from the very beginning our motto has been to achieve quality at the highest level in the manufacture of products. When creating new products we follow the standards - regulations for each individual work place, while including the wishes of the customer. The conformity of the product with the activity performed by the user gives a special significance to our product.

Own quality production
Own production 100%
Fulfilment of production deadlines and other contractual obligations
Contractual obligations 100%
Great dedication to work and to customers and employees
Dedication to work and customers 100%
Long-term cooperation with partners and external
Partnership 100%


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